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DescriptionThe music of Thelonious Monk is among the most requested of any jazz composer. This folio has 70 of the master composer/pianist´s most familiar pieces, as well as a number of obscure and unrecorded tunes, in easy-to-read versions. Includes counterlines and ensemble parts for many pieces, as well as bass-lines and piano voicings where applicable. Also includes a biography, a glossary, and a definitive discography of the compositions in the book. Songlist52nd Street ThemeAsk Me NowBa-lue Bolivar Ba-lues-are (Bolivar Blues)Bemsha SwingBlue HawkBlue MonkBlue SphereBlues Five Spot (Five Spot Blues)Boo Boo´s BirthdayBrake´s SakeBright MississippiBrilliant CornersBye-yaChildren´s SongComing On The HudsonCrepuscule With NellieCriss CrossEpistrophyEronelEvidenceFour In OneFriday The 13thFunctionalGallop´s GallopGreen ChimneysHackensackHornin´ InHumphI Mean YouIn Walked BudIntrospectionJackie-ingLet´s Call ThisLet´s Cool OneLight BlueLittle Rootie TootieLocomotiveMisteriosoMonk´s DreamMonk´s MoodMonk´s PointNorth Of The SunsetNuttyOff MinorOska TPannonicaPlayed TwiceRaise FourReflectionsRhythm-a-ningRuby, My DearSan Francisco HolidayShuffle BoilSixteenSkippySomething In BlueStraight No ChaserStuffy TurkeyTeoTheloniousThink Of OneTrinkle-tinkleTwo TimerUgly BeautyWe SeeWell You Needn´tWho KnowsWork

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